Who says Joe Budden needs Everyday Struggle to stay in the pop culture conversation?

His recent year-end recap for Revolt, one he taped alongside Charlamagne Tha God, has already stirred the pot quite a bit since the full version dropped less than 48 hours ago. One particularly divisive section was their list of nominees for the "Trash" list, pinpointing which artists put forth some lousy material into the hip-hop community this year. One of the nominees, much to Azealia Banks' chagrin, was Nicki Minaj.

In the excerpt, which you can watch below, Charlamagne and Joe explain that Nicki Minaj deserves a spot on the trash list for not only the fact that her singles (including "No Frauds") flopped despite widespread radio airplay, but the fact that she continually touts herself as the best female rapper alive. "You cannot post your accolades on Instagram every day for the year," added Budden. "I'm gonna call you trash."

Social media essay writer Azealia Banks was quick to react earlier today, calling the comparisons they make, especially with Nicki Minaj, during their discussion a "farce." She also laces into the two hosts for seemingly taking pleasure in tearing up a female performer who, in the eyes of Banks, is peerless. "The fact that these talking heads are trying their HARDEST to narrate this female rap story is absolutely ridiculous," she proclaimed. "Joe gave up ... a very very long time ago."

Surely Budden will have a rebuttal at some point for Banks but, at the time of this writing, nothing had been shared online as of yet. Read her entire post below.

Who do you think was most on-point with their remarks: Joe Budden/Charlamagne Tha God or Azealia Banks? Let us know in the comments.