At this point, we shouldn't be surprised at any of the nonsense that 2020 throws at us. In an unsuspected move, Joe Budden took to his podcast to address a story that DJ Vlad of Vlad TV told about a previous encounter the two hosts had. According to Vlad, something happened between him and Budden that left Joe salty. Vlad told Adam22 that he attempted to make amends with other members of Slaughterhouse but still, Joe Budden continues to have some beef with Vlad that he won't let go of until this day.

Joe Budden, DJ Vald, Vlad TV
Brian Ach / Stringer / Getty Images

Then, Vlad said he was at a strip club in New York with a friend who apparently has killed someone before and when Budden unexpectedly pulled up at the same spot, he wouldn't go inside because he was too afraid. Budden decided to speak directly to Vlad on his podcast, saying that when they spoke many years ago, it was before he knew about Vlad's "Rick Ross antics and what happened at the Ozone Awards." He's referencing the $4 million lawsuit Vlad filed against Rick Ross, accusing the rapper of ordering an attack on him back in 2008 at the award show.

"People that antagonize and provoke and then sue when repercussions occur, I view it a certain way. I will be honest with you," Budden said. "That was strike one for me with you." Strike two, Budden said, was that Vlad took advantage of him when he was in the early stages of his hosting career, and then there was the incident when Vlad reportedly showed up at Budden's with his previous foe, Ransom, who later went to jail. He accused Vlad of provoking and instigating animosity "between Black men." Not only that, Budden took issue with Vlad airing footage of Crooked I being shot at in Los Angeles. "That was not only a legal matter, but a street matter, and a friend matter," Budden said. "It's not that there's a beef still. It's not a beef... There's nothing [for us] to really fight about."

Joe doesn't hold back in spilling details about why he believes Vlad can't be trusted, so check out Budden rehashing their history below.