We aren't sure if Verzuz is interested in having these two appear on the series, but Joe Budden is willing to face off against Gillie Da Kid. There hasn't necessarily been a proposed Verzuz between these two, but in a recent interview, Gillie said that if he and Budden were to be matched up on the series, he would "sweep" the podcast host "under a f*ckin' rug."

On The Joe Budden Podcast, they replayed the clip, and Budden seemed up for the hypothetical challenge even though they've had tension.

Joe Budden
Phillip Faraone / Stringer / Getty Images

"Now, what I will say before this pod ends...Gillie Da Kid, Wallo, Million Dollaz Worth of Game. I'll oblige," said Budden. "I will. Who knows. Could be right. Gillie, I will do a Verzuz with you, I will. Neither one of us are big enough toe ver make it the Verzuz stage, but I'm cool with that. We could do like a mixtape Verzuz. Leave all the major album joints out. We don't need 'Pump It Up' or 'Yeah That's Us.'"

"Both doing great in podcast land. I'll do a Verzuz with you if you want," he continued, offering to meet Gillie on his home turf in Philadelphia. "We can do it wherever you feel most comfortable at. I'm down!" 

Would you tune in? Watch Budden's response below.