It feels like forever since we received new music from r'n'b singer JMSN. In actuality, it's been over a year since his last album, Blue Album, but he's showing signs of life once again as he teases fans about his next album.

A few days ago, JMSN started asking fans to text him to hear some exclusive music. He went from letting fans preview a new song via text message, to revealing his album title, artwork and release date. We've seen this kind of marketing tool used before although not quite as personal as JMSN is doing it; he's actually interacting with fans and answering questions like, "skittles vs. m&ms."

One of the fans who texted JMSN and received the album information was generous enough to throw it up online. The album artwork is abstract (take a look above), and the project is set to be titled It Is, with a release date of May 6th.

Before it arrives, JMSN has something in store for March 1st aka tomorrow. Stay tuned, it's new music.