Over the past couple of weeks, the debate surrounding kneeling during the national anthem has crept back into the National discourse. Some NFL players have been kneeling during the anthem for four years now and there are still many out there who see it as disrespectful to the flag. In light of the injustice that is happening all around the United States right now, the concept of kneeling has become as prevalent as ever.

Recently, Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien announced that he would kneel with his players when the season starts. This prompted a fan to say that JJ Watt would never be caught doing such a thing. Well, Watt didn't appreciate those comments and clapped back on Twitter, saying: "A) don’t speak for me B) if you still think it’s about disrespecting the flag or our military, you clearly haven’t been listening."


Watt received quite a bit of praise from fans for this sentiment which isn't surprising when you think about how these conversations have progressed over the last few years. Not to mention, Watt has been seen as a beacon of the Houston community so it only makes sense that he would stand in solidarity with those who are feeling oppressed.

Perhaps, we will see Watt kneeling arm-in-arm with his teammates once the season begins in September.