NBA fans have been starving for some basketball as of late due to the Coronavirus-imposed shutdown. It's been a sad state of affairs for sports fans around the world although leagues are hard at work to find a solution to this inconvenience. The NBA has been one of the leagues impacted the most by the virus and over the last few months, they have been contemplating a whole slew of scenarios that could see a return to action.

During an episode of The JJ Redick Podcast, the Pelican sharpshooter spoke about a potential return to play and noted that the league has a way in which they can reduce the risk of infection. As it turns out, this plan includes fewer teams coming back to the court. 

As he notes, the top 6 teams in each conference wouldn't have to play any more regular-season games. From there, teams 7-12 would be fighting it out for the final two playoff spots in each conference. As for teams 13-15, well, they would be told to stay home and their seasons would effectively be over.

In this scenario, the Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, and Detroit Pistons would be done for the season.

It's an interesting proposal although it remains to be seen if the players decide to accept it.