On Monday, the United States celebrated Columbus Day, a national holiday that is supposed to pay homage to Christopher Columbus for finding the country. However, most decent-minded people have found out that Christopher Columbus was a lowkey monster and doesn't deserve the praise he still receives for his evil doings. So as a result of having one the worse holidays, Jimmy Kimmel decided to have some fun with it and do a new Lie Witness News segment in which he asked random people on the street what they thought of President Donald Trump’s next Supreme Court pick. No, not Brett Kavanaugh, but Christopher Columbus although he's been dead for 500 years.

Kimmel’s Lie Witness News went around asking random people on the street what they thought about Christopher Columbus as the next Supreme Court pick, and it’s pure gold. One young woman said that “it was so long ago in the past and there’s not enough evidence to back it up,” apparently getting Columbus confused for Brett Kavanaugh. Another man said "we've been celebrating Colmbus for how many years now? so it really doesn't matter," before going onto say "yeah" he should be able to sit on the Supreme Court.

Check out the hilarious responses to Christopher Columbus being our next Supreme Court pick (below). Let this be another reflection & example of the glorious minds walking around the streets of America right now.