Every year before the All-Star game and before the NBA finals, there's a Media Day where reporters have the opportunity to interview the players about a variety of topics.

Jimmy Kimmel Live's Guillermo has been a fixture at these events for years and has succeeded in conducting entertaining interviews with several NBA All-Stars. However, he has never been able to chop it up with LeBron James, who has expertly avoided Guillermo at every turn for approximately six years. 

That is, until this past weekend.

During the NBA All-Star Media Day, Guillermo was finally able to ask the Cavs All-Star a question, and he went with, "What's your perfect salad?" LeBron responded by saying he doesn't have a perfect salad but when prompted by Guillermo he agreed that Chinese chicken salad is "cool too. I'll take that too."

Guillermo also spoke with Larry Nance Jr, Andre Drummond, Lou Williams, Draymond Green, Lauri Markkanen, Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Kevin Love and Kevin Durant.

Check out the clip below.