Miss Cardi B recently played co-host on Jimmy Fallon's late show and after talking about her visit, it looks like he would be more than happy to have her again. 

“She was so fun to work with and funny at rehearsals...had the whole crew laughing. I wish we could’ve had two hours,” Jimmy told Page Six. Jimmy's got so much love for the Invasion of Privacy rapper that he gifted her with some pretty dope presents for her first child. We're talking a teddy bear wearing a “Washpoppin” T-shirt, a bedazzled baby bottle, a faux leopard fur jacket and his own children’s book, “Everything Is Mama.”

“She really got choked up when we started talking about baby books,” he added. “It’s starting to feel real to her.”

If you watched her recent Breakfast Club interview then you know why she chose to keep her pregnancy private for so long. When it comes to the haters who think she can't succeed more with a baby she has one thing to say: "I'm a grown woman. I'm 25 years old [and] I'm going to say this in the most humblest way, I'm a shmillionaire and I'm prepared for this." 

Cardi B is set to perform at Coachella soon and she recently revealed that she dropped almost $300K for her own set design.

"Coachella been booked. We been booked Coachella like six or seven months a go," she said. "I'm getting paid for Coachella like $70K a day. I been booked for this. Then it's like I have to invest so much money on my stage set. My own money that I have to go to Wells Fargo and write a check. It's crazy, almost like $300K... It's an investment. You gotta take that to the chin."