Despite everyone's best efforts to fit Jimmy Butler on a speculative Houston Rockets' roster leading up to next season - all the signs point towards him taking his talents to Miami Beach. How's about a timeline to bring us up to speed. Like anything else NBA-related with a measure of truth behind it, the Butler-to-Miami came to a head the moment Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a "Woj Bomb" with Jimmy's name written on it.

According to the ESPN Insider, Butler either met or is going to meet Miami Heat officials at an undisclosed location in South Florida. He does insist that while, Miami Heat is a more ideal fit, given his needs and wants, Butler will meet the Rockets later in the week, and is reportedly open to talking shop with his current employers in Philadelphia shortly thereafter.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Woj's Tweet, while altogether inconclusive, did the rumor going, to the point where Jimmy himself felt the need to join the discussion. In a series of Tweets with his famous friends, Chad Johnson, and the recently-retired Dwyane Wade, Butler gave off the impression that Miami is the ideal fit/destination for reasons he fell short of explaining (on a public forum). 

"Nah bro. Let’s kill that rumor now," Wade wrote to Jimmy in jest. "It would only be for the HEAT!" Unfortunately, Wade's reverse psychology had no effect on Butler, who placated his former teammates with a reply of, "hey big head."

Next up was Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson demanding that Butler commit himself to Miami at once - but again, Jimmy held firm, this time informing the ex-NFLer that once he's come to his decision, he'd be the first to know via phone.