One of the biggest moves in free agency was announced last Sunday when it was revealed that Jimmy Butler would be leaving the Philadelphia 76ers as part of a sign-and-trade with the Miami Heat. Before joining the Heat, the Houston Rockets had expressed interest in acquiring Butler, although they ended up missing out. The Rockets have had some dysfunction as of late between Chris Paul and James Harden, while Butler has been seen as a bit of nuisance when it comes to his teammates. With this in mind, scouts around the NBA are saying that the Rockets "dodged a bullet" by missing out on the star.

According to a report from ESPN's Tim MacMahon, scouts have been saying that the Rockets "are better off" without Butler because he would have messed up the team's chemistry. With Harden and Paul reportedly at odds with each other, adding Butler to the roster probably wouldn't be the best idea as it could create even more friction.

Butler seems to be enjoying it in Miami as he was captured on video playing dominos with some of the residents. He was also welcomed to the team by Dwyane Wade who retired this past season.

With Butler on the squad, the Heat now have a chance to get back into the postseason.