It looks like Minnesota Timberwolves fans aren’t too happy with Jimmy Butler and his trade demands. On Friday night, during the team’s home opener, Jimmy was introduced to the sound of a ton of boo’s as fans are angry at him wanting out of town.

However, Jimmy wasn’t the only one boo’d as there was a lot of hostility in the building Friday night. Fans also booed coach and team president Tom Thibodeau during introductions as well as Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love, who requested a trade away from Minnesota four years ago.

Butler also received some boo’s when he touched the ball at the beginning of the game, but things quickly got better for him. Butler had a steal and then a basket early in the game that created some positive response from the crowd, and at one point later even received some "MVP, MVP" chants while at the free throw line.

Earlier this week, Jimmy was asked about how he would feel if the fans boo’d him, which he said he could care less. "Boo me," Butler said. "It ain't going to change the way I play; probably going to make me smile more. Please, come on with it."

Check out the footage that’s surfaced online of Jimmy getting boo’d (below). Does Jimmy deserve boo’s or should fans be cheering him on? Oh by the way, Jimmy ended up with 33 points in a winning effort tonight too.