Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat have been a match made in heaven so far this season. Some critics were skeptical that Butler could be the number one option on a team, but he has done a phenomenal job at proving the doubters wrong and giving Heat fans a reason to be excited. In fact, some believe this Heat team could go to the Eastern Conference Finals if they continue to play the way that they have. 

Today, the Heat won game two of their first-round series against the Indiana Pacers, which helped propel them to a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. Butler had another great game as he notched 18 points and helped facilitate shots for his teammates. Following his effort, Butler spoke on what makes this Heat team special and how they allow him to thrive.

"I get to cuss people out when they’re not doing their job. They gon’ cuss me out when I’m not doing mine. We don’t take nothing personal," Butler said.

Butler's response goes perfectly with his personality, as Butler has been known to get angry at teammates for underperforming, in the past. While on other rosters, Butler's teammates were rubbed the wrong way by him but with the Heat, they seem to embrace his mindset.

With all things considered, this Heat team could be a real threat for the title.