Just last week on Friday, we reported that Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler and his coach Brett Brown got into an altercation at practice that witnesses described as "disrespectful" and "beyond normal player-coach discourse." 

The report from ESPN went in-depth into the situation between the two saying:

"Butler has expressed a desire to teammates that he hopes to play in more traditional pick-and-roll and isolation sets, rather than trying to find his place in the Sixers free-flowing offense, league sources said. In searching for answers, Butler has met privately with Brown and his coaching staff, as well as general manager Elton Brand, league sources told ESPN."

Now Butler has told Serena Winters of NBC Sports Philadelphia "I don't think any part of it was confrontational, just a coach to player talk, a player to coach talk. It just happened to be in front of everybody. I think we got away from it great, and we got better as a team."