Shut 'em down Jimmer!

Before you state obvious, hear me out. Jimmer Fredette scored 75 freakin' points and his  Shanghai Sharks side still couldn't pull away with the victory. Yes, the Chinese Basketball Association isn't exactly the most competitive league in the World, an aging Stephon Marbury is still considered one of its better players. But 75 points for a player who does most of his business at the perimeter is impressive no matter the opposition. 

In his 3rd season in the CBA, Jimmer has become somewhat of a folk hero to Shanghai fans. They've taken to giving him "the Lonely God" due to his quiet and unassuming personality. Ironically it was another former NBA prospect, Pierre Jackson, who sank the game-winning three-ball as the game clock expired. The match ending 137-136 for rival CBA squad Beikong.

Jimmer's 75 point performance breaks the CBA single-game he already held. In his first season in China, Fredette scored 73 points in a double-overtime matchup. To put these numbers in perspective: Jimmer is averaging 38.3 points per game and leads the CBA with an astounding 3.9 steals per game.

Fredette had a short run in the NBA after being draft in the lottery by the Sacramento Kings. Before entering the bigs, Jimmer was awarded the Naismith college player of the year for his exploits at Brigham Young in 2011.