In 2005, Jim Jones signed fellow Harlemite Max B to his ByrdGang record label. The deal would only last for about two years, and the two rappers had been clashing heads at the time of Max's ByrdGang departure in 2008. It became an official beef soon afterwards, especially as Max joined forces with Coke Boy French Montana, whom also had a disdain for Jones. The beef would proliferate until 2009, when Max was sent to prison, where he still remains today. 

In a clip taken from a new interview with Rap Radar, Jones was asked if there is still any bad blood between him and Biggavelli, and he responded by saying that he's not the type to speak down upon an incarcerated man. "That's a chapter in my life that's been gone," he said. "I don't even think about it no more." 

Jones went on to explain that he didn't have anything to do with Max's imprisonment. In fact, "I put a lot of money in that boy's pockets," he said. Whether or not he harbors any ill feelings toward the rapper known as The Wavy One, he clearly recognized his talent. Jones went as far to say that Max "had the chance to be big as Drake right now." 

"A lot of these artists right now that are singing and being very melodic," said Jones. "A lot of that came from that boy's whole catalog." He also pointed out that Wiz Khalifa has been influenced by many elements of Max's wavy style; "Wiz Khalifa'll tell you right now that he studied his music word for word," said Jones. Max B is currently serving a 75-year sentence in a New Jersey prison. 

Watch the full clip below. (During the first minute or so, Jones speaks on Dame Dash, with whom he most certainly still has beef).