The troll has finally incited a response from his defenceless target. 50 Cent has been chiding Jim Jones for the past month. The playful "feud" began with 50 Cent poking fun at Jim Jones' fitness selfie. Capo chose to ignore the quips, and nothing came of it for nearly a week. Until yesterday when posted this heartfelt message to his dearly beloved "wifey" Chrissy Lampkin.

"Before we go any further I must say happy birthday to my world my queen my Ryder my hitter my partner my best friend my rock my love it's been us against th world and it's gone stay us against th world let ur light shine bright for th world to see cause ur energy only comes around once in a lifetime love u boo lol."

Notice how Capo had to administer an "lol," after his display of affection. 50 Cent certainly picked up on the sentimental irony. 50 Cent who has his own insecurities regarding his "masculinity," reposted the message on his IG account, then for whatever reason took it down, before continuing his onslaught at the expense of other Harlemites such as Hell Rell.

It seems Jim Jones was too busy enjoying his vacation with "wifey" to respond in a timely manner. Today he filed his response, thanking 50 for the free publicity. He also followed up that short video with a second post tailored to the proposed Queens Vs Harlem showdown. Speaking directly at 50 Cent, Jones said and I quote: "we can shoot the fair one when ever he ready." The Capo thinks his goons are a good match for 50 Cent's cast of "actors."