Unexpected news of 28-year-old Drakeo the Ruler’s death has taken over social media feeds today as more and more tributes to the late West Coast legend come pouring in.

Early this morning, we heard from Drake, who collaborated with the late star on “Talk to Me” earlier this year. “Nah man this shit isn’t right for real wtf are we doing,” he wrote alongside a photo of his fallen friend. “Always picked my spirit up with your energy RIP Drakeo.”

Jim Jones also shared a thoughtful message with his followers, writing “rip to this brother Drakeo, this is sad. To all rappers I urge [you] to protect [yourself], start to move tactical. Preservation of life is everything, they do not value our lives anymore, we are targeted.” He continued, “They know who we are cause of our fame but we don’t know who they are because of our fame.”

Jones admitted to praying every day that he “makes it home to [his] family because it’s [that] serious out here for us,” adding that it “feels like we lost a rapper every week this year.” He concluded, “rappers have [the] most dangerous job in [the] world, I stand on my statement.”

Tory Lanez also shared some words regarding Drakeo’s death on his Instagram story. “Damn not my n*gga @drakeotheruler … RIP man WTF … Cuz [used] to always pull up on me just to shoot the shits and vibe … Solid individual … [Used] to make me happy when I seen [you] on everything!!!”

The Canadian artist also said that Drakeo “brought a different flavour to that West Coast shit. They don’t make em like [you] and there will never be another Drakeo the Ruler!” Snoop Dogg, who was set to perform at Los Angeles’ Once Upon A Time Festival where the California rapper was killed, has also posted his thoughts and condolences.


“Last night I was in my dressing room when I was informed about the incident and chose to immediately leave the festival grounds. My prayers go out to everyone affected by [the] tragedy. Please take care, love one another and stay safe ya’ll. I’M PRAYING FOR PEACE IN HIP-HOP,” he wrote in his notes app this afternoon

More and more emotional posts from friends and fans alike have been popping up across different platforms. Check them out below. RIP.