In celebration of the re-opening of Webster Hall, a feat that he helped make happen, Jay Z put on a star-studded "B-Sides 2" concert. Jay previously had beef with Dipset members Jim Jones and Cam'ron, and while Jay and Jones put their differences aside years ago, there was no formal resolution between Jay and Cam. However, they all took to the "B-Sides 2" concert stage and reunited for "Welcome to New York City," and fans worldwide relished at the moment.

In his upcoming interview with Rap Radar's TIDAL podcast, Jones sat down with Elliott Wilson and Brian 'B.Dot' Miller to discuss how that Webster Hall moment came about. "I ain't got no tea?" he asks while the hosts laugh. They press him on how the reunion happened, and he smiled and said, "Why y'all asking me how it happened?" knowing full well he's about to share the story. "Oh yeah, it was definitely a moment. I got a call saying Jay about to do a special B-side concert. And I'm like 'Cool, can I get some tickets? What's up?'" he said before everyone laughed. "I thought that was the call that he was pulling up. They like, 'He wants to perform 'Welcome to New York City.'"

"They asked me, and now I'm like 'Come on, don't do this to me,'" he said. "Why y'all putting me under this one? Like I'm just listening and in my mind, I'm like f*ck it. I'm just asking a question [to Cam'ron]. He's going to say 'Yeah' or he's going to say 'No'. But in my mind, I'm like, if you know Cam this could cause some sh*t or [he] might not even sweat it. Might just say some slick sh*t and leave it alone and all that sh*t. So, hopefully, he like 'Yup.'"

Jones said he called up Cam'ron the following day. "Right after I got the call I called him, I said, 'Jay is doing the B-Side concert, right?' He's like 'Yeah.' 'He trying to perform 'Welcome to New York City' and they wanted me to know if maybe you might just want to perform.' I'm just trying to do what I do. He's like, 'Yeah run it, let's do it.'" Jones mimicked the surprised face he made as he stared at his phone unable to believe that Cam'ron agreed to the performance. Check out the full episode on Friday.