Unsurprisingly, the beef between 50 Cent and Jim Jones is still on-going. This time, Jim Jones decided to be the instigator, going after 50 for his role as Kanan Starks on the Starz TV drama, Power.

Today, 50 Cent posted a picture of someone pointing a gun at their television while the episode of Power was playing. In the caption, 50 wrote, "Power fans up town be like, da fuck is you doing Boy. You think this shit is a game. 👿🤨get the strap." Judging by the caption, the picture presumably wasn't taken by 50.

Jones, not content to let 50 sit back and promote his television show, decided to give 50 a very backhanded compliment by praising his acting skills. Jones writes, "U real tuff on tv boo boo lol lol u always been a good actor lol im out show was good though lol."

If we know one thing about 50, it's that he's not the type to let someone like Jim Jones throw that many "lol"'s at him and get away with it. Firing back at Jones, 50 writes, "Cam said you ain't even a real street nigga jimmy. Get the fuck out of here you a goof recruiter."

This Instagram spat is the latest in a series of roasts the two have thrown at each other recently. Previously, 50 has roasted Jones for getting caught with a gun at the airport, while Jones has put 50 on blast for his questionable fashion sense. Hopefully this proposed boxing match between the two of them gets underway so this beef can be settled.