I never thought I'd see that day Jim Jones and Max B would call a truce to their hostility, but Capo appears to have the first step - and he did so in the subtlest of manners without making a spectacle out of his peace offering.

This past week when the Dipset played The Apollo in Harlem, Jim Jones played a medley of Max B duets including "G's Up" from his Harlem: Diary of a Summer solo project. He did so without muting any of Biggavelli's parts, or giving the gesture a token preamble, this being the first time 10 years that Capo has played any music any way related to Max B, live in a concert setting. That's got to stand for something, you would think?

For those who don't know, Max B and Jim Jones were once the bestest of friends before group politics tore them apart. We all know Jim Jones as one of four core members of The Diplomats alongside Freaky Zeeky, Juelz Santana, and Cam'Ron, while also fronting a small group called the ByrdGang, of which Max B was himself a core member. Max B eventually left citing tension, poor compensation, and disrespect as the main factors in his decision. Call me a dreamer, but if Max B can accept Jim Jones' olive branch when he gets out the bing, the NY scene will be a happier place.