"You got me nervous up here," laughs Jim Jones, fumbling with the Breakfast Club mic. Given the fact that Rainbow haired Tekashi 6ix9ine unexpectedly dragged his name into the mix during his recent trial, the spotlight has shifted to the Dipset legend. A practiced OG in his own right, however, Jones is no stranger to pressure. Not even when DJ Envy hops into the messy stuff, an inevitability where the show is concerned. Yet first, Jones fields praise for his  El Capo, opening up about the love he's been receiving from friends and foes alike.

 Al Bello/BIG3/Getty Images

"I made a conscious effort to make something I was going to like," reflects Jones. "I've been caught up trying to catch up with what's going on in the game, diving in to directly what these youngstas are doing...I didn't work better than my original plan." He continues, dubbing himself a "nostalgic dude" with a twenty-year career. "One thing I noticed is everyone doing the same thing," says Jones. "This is something I chose to do consciously. I'm going to make some great music whether the new millennials like it or not." Envy asks what Jones' son thought of the album, leading to a funny moment from the proud father. "He's in high school, so when the album dropped, he came home like 'you kinda hot in school right now," laughs Jones, scrunching his face up. 

Jones also makes quick allusion to a few of his rivals, old and new. On the topic of 50 Cent, Jones strokes his chin in a pensive manner while lamenting his inability to really speak his mind. "Where I'm from, I do know people we call real n***as or stand up men don't try to tarnish other people's names with bullshit antics," says Jones. "There's consequences and repercussions to things like that, at least where I'm from." As for 6ix9ine, Jim Jones nips that in the bud immediately. "I have no comment on none of that," he explains, doubling down. After all, Feds is watching, as they always are.