After declaring that he has no plans on ending his beef with Max B, Jim Jones returns to make sure his voice was heard the first time around. In a recent interview with Jenny Boom Boom, Jim was asked if he had any plans to connect with Max B once the incarcerated rapper is released from prison. French Montana, Max's longtime friend and collaborator, spoke about squashing his beef with Jim Jones, so it was only assumed that Jim put his hostility with Biggaveli behind him as well. That wasn't the case.

"Nah, f*ck Max B," said Jones. "Tell Max B suck d*ck. F*ck outta here." Earlier today, Don Diva Magazine shared a snippet of a phone interview they conducted with Max B where they asked him about the El Chapo rapper. "It's all love. Shoutout to everybody. I love everybody," said Max. "We passed that. We older now. Dudes in they 40s now. We grown-ass men. We was running around, everybody had they egos clashin', but it's a new time, new era."

"Ain't nobody tryin' to come home and be shootin'," he continued. "Like Jim said, nobody died so it's still a good thing. But it is what it is. And when we get there, it might not even be for everybody to see us squash the beef. We might just go in the room and just, you know, settle our differences man-to-man. We might just have a conversation. Whatever the case may be."

Max B reiterated that "it's all love on my end" and he's moved on from his previous animosity with his fellow Harlem rapper. "I'm on a whole new lane," said Max. "I got children. I'm just tryin' to come home and eat and do what I do."

Jim Jones came across the post and had a few words in response. "F*ck all tht miss me wit it," he commented with laughing emojis. Listen to Max B explain why he's over his beef with Jim Jones below.