Over the past weekend, the big news in the hip hop world was Cam'ron and Mase's little back and forth beef. Cam and Mase have commented on radio about the whole thing and it seems to be a dead topic at this point. While people may have expected additional commentary from other members of Dipset, no one really said anything. Jim Jones recently revealed exactly why. 

Jim Jones recently hit Hot97 to speak touch on a few topics, predominantly the Dipset reunion. During the conversation, he was asked about why he didn't jump in on the Cam'ron/Mase beef. 

"If Mase said he been getting bullied for fifteen years, then that's some shit you gotta deal with yourself," Jones said, "I don't get involved. It's not going to lead nowhere. Mase is a pastor, he's a rapper, he's a pastor. Cam is my brother, I know both of them personally. Cam is my man, I know the real stories. It's not to get into. It's not worth nothing. None of us is lit like that out here to be beefing with each other or doing no rap battles. It's over. It was popping for a day and half amongst the rap community because people get bored on IG and things like that. And now it's over, you know what I mean? I wasn't jumping in some BS like that, for what? I just be looking crazy."

Aside from that, Jones later admit that Mase's timing with the beef was confusing. He said the whole thing occurred a day after the Dipset reunion at the Rap Caviar concert. However, he continues to say it doesn't really matter. He's currently focused on other ventures and the whole beef, just wasn't that serious in the first place.

Check the interview below. He talks Mase/Cam'ron around 6:20 mark.