50 Cent isn't backing down from his antagonistic battle of the boroughs with Harlemites such as Jim Jones and Hell Rell, formerly of Dipset. His most recent gripe towards Capo puts his supposed haggard appearance under the microscope. The IG post in question depicts Jim Jones, with his cheek turned and one presumably shut, staring into nothingness. The caption, written in broken English reads as follows:

"This is jimmys old Mangy dog Dip. LOL making Harlem look bad."

It didn't take long for Jim Jones to catch wind of the situation and a form his own rebuttal. His answer wasn't to play dead as one might expect of a man facing a constant barrage. Naturally, the Capo resorted to digging up a compromising photo of his own: one of 50 Cent and his hired personnel.

The innocent bystander implicated in Jimmy's post is actor Omari Hardwick, who plays James "Ghost" St. Patrick on the show Power. By the looks of it, Jimmy seems to be insinuating that 50 Cent and his employees are perhaps too well acquainted. You'll notice Omari gives 50 Cent a peck on the cheek in the photo, while the two men are seated at an event.