Last month, Dipset made a surprise return with "Oh Yeah." Well, not all of Dipset, but the song found the duo of Cam'Ron and Juelz Santana trading bars like it was '05. Nonetheless, the song got fans inquiring about a Dipset reunion, but in light of recent developments, it doesn't look like that's gonna be happening any time soon. Yesterday, Jim Jones posted a picture of the cover art to "Oh Yeah" on his Instagram and revealed that he had recorded a verse to the song, which Cam'Ron apparently cut before the release of "Oh Yeah." 

The song was apparently recorded by Cam, Jones, and Juelz in Cam's house about a year and a half ago. In his Instagram post, Jones told his followers to ask Cam why his verse was removed from "Oh Yeah," and he then remarked how it's ironic that Cam seems to be telling the media that he doesn't understand why a Dipset reunion album hasn't come into fruition yet -- "lol this n*gga is weird," Jones said of his former group mate. 

Jones ended his post by tagging Freekey Zekey -- another Dipset member who wasn't on "Oh Yeah" -- telling him, "lol I couldn't help it." 

Unsurprisingly, Cam has caught wind of Jones' inflammatory post, and he has already responded with a video message of his own. Cam is filmed while eating chips, and a man in the background asks him, "Wasn't somebody else on this shit?" -- an obvious reference to "Oh Yeah." "N*ggas get taken off songs every day B. He tough right?" responded Killa, before breaking into a fit of laughter. Cam captioned the post by writing, "He be ight..Get him a thermometer or suttin."