Jim Jones found himself in a sticky situation on a recent flight to Austin after the rapper claims he was racially profiled and then proceeded to argue with the captain. In footage from Instagram Live, Jim is seen standing outside a plane in the boarding area asking to speak to a supervisor of JetBlue. He is then approached by the captain of the flight, asking Jim what's going on. 

It's a little unclear as to why Jim was getting kicked off, but in the clip, he explains that he was listening to everything the flight attendant was asking of him. "I'm sitting there and the lady asks me to take out the pamphlet. I took out the pamphlet," he said. After some back and forth with the captain, he's finally offered a seat change and takes the offer. 

Of course, if there's one person who's going to respond to the matter and make a laugh it's 50 Cent and he did so by sharing a photo on Instagram with the caption: "You want to fight the captain fool why? you want to fly the fucking plane. 🤣LOL get the strap."