Fans already know that Killa Season is a cult classic, immortalized for its surreal blend of gangland lifestyle and absurd humor. While Jim Jones only made a brief appearances, Cam'Ron came through with a strangely magnetic performance; for all its flaws, the low budget movie is not without a rugged sense of charm. Plenty have come to recognize Cam as a funny dude, and every time he steps in front of a camera, humor is never far away. Today, Cam and Jim Jones have continued to reap the benefits of their recent reunion, linking up to deliver a new trailer for Jones' upcoming Wasted Talent mixtape. Actually, it's more of a teaser for a trailer, but it's enough to paint the picture.

Set on the basketball courts of Harlem, Cam and Jones find themselves in a heated game of one-on-one. The match rises in intensity as the pair fling insults at one another, checking the ball with an animated intensity. The situation only escalates when one of Jim Jone's associates steps onto the court; while Jim is amendable to his arrival, Cam is having none of it. He steps to the newcomer, immediately urging Jones to pat the homeboy down. Clearly, shit's about to go down.

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for the full commercial to  drop later today. In the interim, stay tuned for Wasted Talent dropping March 9th, which will herald the musical reunion of Cam and Jones. Who'd have thought we'd ever get the privilege of another Dipset run?