Jeff Daniels stopped by Conan on Tuesday, and naturally, the epic comedy movie Dumb and Dumber came up. The first Dumb and Dumber hit theaters 24 years ago, and spawned two sequels and a cartoon show. While Conan and Daniels spoke about how historic the comedy movie was, Daniels' co-star and legendary comedian Jim Carrey decided to crash the set. The two enter into a set of bromantic embraces and a nostalgic Dumb and Dumber dance before Carrey settles in. 

“I thought for sure they’d tell him and it’s great that they didn’t,” Carrey stated when Conan announces that Daniels had no idea his buddy was showing up. “I wanted to come out here and say it in front of the world... you’re in town and you don’t call me?! Not an email, nothing," jokes Carrey.

Daniels praises Carrey for helping to propel his career to stardom, since The Mask star was at a much higher level of fame when the two shot the film. The energy of their friendship is genuine, and just as amazing to watch in a live setting as it is in the movie.“You grab on to the tornado that is Jim Carrey and you hang on, and it was such a joy,” Daniels exclaimed. Check out the hilarious yet heartwarming interview below.