Art is always a good way to vent and express yourself. In the increasingly hostile political climate of America today, maybe the best way to communicate is through art. Jim Carrey seems to think so. 

It appears that Carrey thinks Donald Trump could use a wizard. The legendary comedian has spent most of Trump's presidency bashing his administration in the most artful way possible. Unbeknown to many prior to the recent election, Carrey has a talent for painting vivid images. In the wake of Trump's latest blunder, Carrey took to social media to post his latest piece of art. "Sorry, family farmers. You picked the wrong guy to protect you," wrote Carrey as the caption for his post, which is a picture of Trump as a scarecrow. 

Carrey's latest work of art was inspired by Trump's bailout for farmers. Because of the trade wars that Trump has instigated, farmers in America are taking a beating. Instead of fixing the issue entirely, Trump opted to send the farmers $12 billion in aide. Socialism does work! In the painting, Carrey placed Trump in the middle of a farm as a scarecrow, which immediately brings to mind the "If I Only Had A Brain" song from The Wizard of Oz.