Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim had his whole world rocked when he accidentally struck and killed a man on the road coming home from his team's game against Louisville on February 20th. The accident happened after a car got into a crash on the highway and some passengers got out to wave down help. Jorge Jimenez, the man who passed away, was one of those people on the road. Since the accident occurred at night, Boeheim didn't see him and ended up running into him.

After an investigation from police, Boeheim has been absolved of all wrongdoing, according to ESPN.

"As I get to the front of the vehicle, I observed what I believe is a person along the guardrail; there might have been more than one person," Boeheim said in a report released by Onondaga County district attorney William J. Fitzpatrick. "Then a split second later, I hear a loud bang, and I start coming to a stop."

Boeheim immediately got out of the vehicle and called 911. The Syracuse coach underwent a field sobriety test which he passed, while cops also investigated to see if speed may have been a factor.

"Based on the totality of the circumstances surrounding this collision investigation, Boeheim's operation of his motor vehicle was not reckless, unreasonable or with gross negligence, and no crimes were committed," the report said.

The Syracuse coach has since apologized for the incident and even issued a statement the weekend of the accident. Boeheim has been on record saying the accident is "something that will be with me for the rest of my life."