After last week's White House debacle where Donald Trump called CNN reporter Jim Acosta "a rude, terrible person" and then followed up by revoking his press pass, the publication has now decided to sue the President detailing how he can't use his grudge against CNN on the Jim. 

According to TMZ, both Jim and CNN are going hard on POTUS and their court documents detail how Donald has violated the First Amendment by taking Jim's "hard pass" for the White House. The publication details how Donald is trying to use the video of Jim not giving up the microphone to an intern as their defense for taking the pass away, but apparently, Donald later described the clip as not "overly horrible."

Donald may have even broken another amendment (CNN's 5th Amendment) when he didn't tell Jim ahead of time that his press pass was revoked. The video below shows Jim's attempts at entering the White House but being held back.

The lawsuit is simply looking to get a press pass back in the hands of Jim if things run smoothly and the President cooperates.