Jill Scott's name has been all over the place after a video surfaced online from one of her performance this year. The clip in question shows the neo-soul presence singing on stage and mimicking oral sex movements on her microphone. Jill is known to get a little freaky during her stage show but this was enough to go viral, being shared all over social media. It was also the inspiration behind one of Trey Songz' new efforts as he recently dropped off "JILL (SUMN REAL.)" The cover art uses a photo of the self-proclaimed "Ms Brilliant Brain Jane" going to town on the mic, and the star has finally responded to the new song.

Thankfully, it gets the stamp of approval from Jill Scott as Trey Songz seems relieved that his hard work paid off. "In the midst of simple minded, affection starved foolishness, this song is actually quite beautiful," wrote Jill before linking to Trigga Trey's new track. The cut samples Scott's 2000 track "He Loves Me," and the end result is definitely sonically pleasing. Trigga reposted the tweet on his own socials, celebrating his success and probably crossing his fingers that he has a chance to get with the veteran singer.


Jill will probably never live this down considering the attention being given to the viral video. For months, she will likely be reminded of the performance. She seems proud of it though, taking everything in stride and celebrating herself in the process.