Rappers have been faced with lost laptops, hard drives, and even compact discs for years. Sometimes, it leads to entire albums being leaked, as it did with Lloyd Bank's Hunger For More 2. Other times, it's a collection of songs, like the infamous Eminem "Straight From The Lab" leak. Now, it would appear that personal tragedy has befallen J.I.D, who recently found his desktop stolen. 

"After tour we shipped our iMac desktop computer we record on through @FedEx back home to Atlanta and someone that works for them stole it," explains J.I.D, via Twitter. "So if you hear unfinished/old /unreleased records from me, Earthgang, or whoever we worked with come out congrats, people are fucked up!" 

The talented lyricist goes on to air out the criminally inclined employees."We put insurance on the package of course but a new computer can’t replace what we had, thanks @FedEx @FedExHelp you guys have some fucked Up thieves that work for u," he writes. "killed my creative process and we lost a lot of important stuff, thank the @FedEx thieves for holding up the music." Unfortunately, the theft will have some real world consequences sooner rather than later; J.I.D. had been teasing new music for March, and while it never arrived, at least we now know why.

It's unfortunate that people continue to stoop so low, and we hope that J.I.D can somehow be reunited with a lost computer. One fan asked the rapper if leaks could be expected, which yielded a "maybe, prolly old trash tho." Eventually, however, he caves and reveals that there may very well be an unreleased Andre 3000 verse in the mix. Either way, stealing someone's computer is the epitome of a dick move. Hopefully J.I.D. can ignite that creative spark in due time. The game needs him.