If the opportunity arises to write about J.I.D, I will take that opportunity. The reality is, the Dreamville signee deserves your attention. From The Never Story to the fire single "Hasta Luego" to the previously unreleased mixtape Para Tu, J.I.D has been building a respectable repertoire of late. Yet the man is only getting started. Granted, a life of touring has somewhat slowed his roll, but it seems like J.I.D. has found a way to overcome that obstacle to the best of his ability. The young rapper took to Instagram to hit fans with an update of sorts, promising some new music at some point later this month. 

In the statement, J.I.D. wrote: "3/x/2018. been touring for the past few years and I’ve always hated not being able to create, but this time I said fuck it and got a chance to record a bunch of songs on the road that I can’t wait for you guys to have, got a special one coming really soon, You ready?"

While it's hard to say whether or not these drops are loosies or part of a greater whole, it stands to reason that they will adhere to lofty J.I.D. standard. The rapper was recently spotted in the studio with another underrated beast, Denzel Curry. Hopefully, we'll be able to catch the fruits of their labor in the near future. Are any of ya'll J.I.D. fans? If so, do you feel like the rapper is about to go on an insane run in 2018?