One year ago, J.I.D's DiCaprio 2 released on this very date. At the time, we named it one of our top ten best albums of 2018, bestowing it with a review score of 87 in a review penned by yours truly. Personally speaking, J.I.D's sophomore album was a standout in a major year, one that firmly cemented him as one of the most exciting young lyricists in hip-hop today. From that point forward, his status only continued to rise. 2019 kicked off with the instantly-iconic Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 recording sessions, during which he emerged as a tireless MVP contender. But where is the Atlanta lyricist set to go from here?

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Today, J.I.D. took to Twitter to reflect on his past year. "A Year ago today," he writes. "Thank you guys for the support on this journey, we came far as fuck and still waaaay more to come.. what was ya top 3 on dicap2?" Before answering his question, consider some of J.I.D's upcoming endeavors. For one, we've got the Dreamers 3 deluxe version to look forward to, and you can bet he's on deck for that. He's also got a ridiculous banger tucked away, one his fans might recognize as the "Lions and Tigers and N***as with Knives" one. And lastly, we already know he's been working on a collaborative project with No I.D. 

As for his Top 3 questions, upon reflection I might go with 1) Slick Talk, 2) Just Da Other Day and 3) Off Deez (or Westbrook, not an easy choice). How has the project aged by your estimation?