With DiCaprio 2 on the horizon, Dreamville's formidable lyricist J.I.D. has sat down with Billboard for an extensive Billboard interview, with topics ranging from the upcoming album, Bhad Bhabie, Juice WRLD, Mac Miller & more. 

"I just write better songs now," explains J.I.D, in his new Billboard interview. "Back then, I would just shoot. Now I can pinpoint some shit." Such news bodes well for those (myself among them) eagerly anticipating DiCaprio II, which is set to feature Method Man, BJ The Chicago Kid, the late Mac Miller, and this absolute banger with J. Cole

Eventually, he opens up about the current state of the game, particularly where "bars" are concerned. " I think bars, I think all that shit has a place in the industry, you know what I'm saying?" he explains. "There's like sub genres of hip-hop going on right now that people are not even used to it, but they accepting it."

When asked about Juice WRLD's contribution to the game, and penchant for hour-long freestyles, J.I.D isn't necessarily here for the lengthy cypher sessions. "That shit cool, but you give me a fucking xanny and I'll rap for three hours straight," he says. "Like, I'm not wasting my time. I’m not doing that shit. And I fuck with Juice. I can make hella songs in an hour. I'm not doing that. I'm finna give you this crazy-ass 32, and you gon' have to run that shit back."

In a move that might surprise some "purists," J.I.D. actually endorses the divisive Bhad Bhabie, going so far as to tease a possible collaboration. "She just seems authentic. She reminds me of a Florida girl. Ratchet, funny, cool as hell, and she got some talent," he explains. "I just think she fire and she raps. She like a little wild n---a, and reminded me of like a little sister or one of my little cousins, something like that."

On a more somber note, J.I.D takes a moment to reflect on working with Mac Miller, whom he describes as a genius. "Like, he played everything. I don't know if people understood how deep that shit went," says J.I.D. "I came in the studio, I feel like it was the day he was working on "Self Care," the record that's on his [Swimming] project, and bro, he brings other people in, but he kinda plays and does all of his shit and adds all types of inflections."

For more from J.I.D, peep the entire Billboard interview right here. Be sure to catch that DiCaprio 2 project, arriving shortly, on November 26th.