As they say, real recognize real. Let us hope that Kendrick Lamar abides by that principle. Dreamville's J.I.D. has officially extended an invitation to collaborate, hitting Kendrick on Twitter with a simple, yet tempting offer. "Let’s Do A Song," writes J.I.D, tagging the TDE legend for good measure. Immediately, fans of the DiCaprio rapper began to salivate at the thought, picturing the pair of elite lyricists going toe to toe over a possible J. Cole instrumental. Admittedly, the last part is merely wishful thinking, though stranger things have happened. 

We've already heard J.I.D trade verses with another excellent lyricist, Denzel Curry, on TA13OO standout "Sirens." It wouldn't be crazy for Kendrick to take up J.I.D.'s offer, especially given his respect for Dreamville leader J. Cole. Plus, the pair actually share several similarities, beginning with vocal cadence and extending to their dexterous and dense deliveries. Perhaps it's too late for Kendrick to hop on the upcoming DiCaprio 2, but we'd take a loosie any day of the week.

Stay tuned for J.I.D.'s upcoming album, which features heavy involvement from the late Mac Miller. The debut single, "151 Rum," is set to drop this Friday.