J.I.D's DiCaprio 2 remains one of the year's most anticipated albums, and a dark horse runner for many-a-top-ten list; perhaps such predictions are premature, but such is the talent of Dreamville's next up. In any case, we won't have to wait much longer to catch a glimpse of DiCaprio 2, as J.I.D's "151 Rum" single is set to drop at midnight tonight. The rapper previously teased a snippet on IG live, and from the sound of it, "151 Rum" will be a banger of the highest order. For those hoping the dexterous rapper will let his murderous tendencies reign free this time around, rest assured such hopes may indeed come to fruition.

Set your alarms for midnight tonight, and cross your fingers that J.I.D's reach-out to Kendrick Lamar ultimately bears some fruit. While Kenny is a lyricist of the highest order, he may very well find himself matched by J.I.D, a rapper with whom he has been compared on occasion. In any case, DiCaprio 2 is on the way, so line up a shot o' rum for the occasion.