J.I.D Feat. EarthGang "D/Vision " Video

Mitch Findlay
August 17, 2017 16:11

Check the latest visuals from J.I.D.

I'll admit, there was a time I was sleeping on J.I.D. After his fire single "Hasta Luego" woke me the hell up, it became evident that the up-and-coming Atlanta rapper was truly a force to be reckoned with. Now, his latest single "D/Vision" has landed a Tidal exclusive video, which features J.I.D & featured guests EarthGang riding around in golf carts, adding an extra layer of swagger to their animated vocal performances. The clip also serves as somewhat of a behind the scenes look at tour life, capturing footage of J.I.D's adventures on J.Cole's "4 Your Eyez Only Tour." 

Speaking of J.Cole, the Forest Hills Drive representer himself came through with the beat for this one, proving a smooth, low key skeleton over which J.I.D, Doctur Dot, and Johnny Venus can lyrically flex. And flex they do. J.I.D comes through with some fire lines, spitting Far as these rappers, I can't count on a ninja turtle's finger who really is fucking with the kid, that is J.I.D." Ninja turtle's finger? Come on, that's just ill.

As far as J.I.D., you should most definitely check out the accompanying three part documentary, also exclusively available on Tidal. Don't have Tidal? How do you think that makes Jay-Z feel?

In all seriousness, the documentary is a good watch for any J.I.D. fan. A little "character development" for a rapper who, if he plays his cards right, can emerge at the forefront of a new generation of lyricists. Plus, dude deserves a little bit of extra shine. Check out the music video if you can, and if not, make sure to go check out J.I.D.'s breakout mixtape The Never Story. Shades of Kendrick, Cole, and a healthy dose of Atlanta flavor.

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