It's no secret that J.I.D.'s DiCaprio 2 is among the year's best albums, landing the coveted seventh spot on our own "Hottest Albums Of 2018" list. Now, with 2018 rapidly nearing its conclusion, Billboard has linked up with the Dreamville rapper to discuss the album's numerous merits. In fact, JID believes the project to be among the year's strongest bodies of work, breaking down his reasoning behind such a claim. 

"Even before [DiCaprio 2] was done, I knew it was [the best]. And then, Kendrick ain't drop this year?!" reflects JID. "I need that. Give me that. Drake and Cole dropped, of course, but I'm trying to work my way into [other rapper's] top six's." He proceeds to thank his fanbase for supporting theproject , and promises that he'll use his newly acquired mind-space wisely. "People know who I am now. Now I can drop some shit and it's like, "All right. People are going to pay attention." That's all you really want. Anybody who's in this shit, we just want to have that attention. That's what everybody is fighting for."

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Luckily, DiCaprio 2 is only the beginning. JID vows that a more conceptual project is on the way, produced by none other than No ID. "We finna drop this No ID project and we're gonna go crazy," promises JID. "This is the conceptual album, this is the one that's hella musical, hella vibes. This DiCaprio shit, I was just like, "I can rap better than y'all." It was kind of a flex, but, at the same time, it was like some humble shit, like a humble flex."

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