His comments are often dissected and scrutinized, and once again Terry Crews is finding that he's become a trending topic. The America's Got Talent host regularly shares his thoughts on social media like millions of others, but Crews's opinions often rub people the wrong way. Recently, he tweeted that Atlanta's popular strip club Magic City should be boycotted, causing the venue's regulars to call out Crews. The actor has used his platform to speak out against pornography, so this was just another step in his quest to rid the world of sexualized imagery.

J.I.D, Terry Crews, Magic City, Twitter
Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images

Bow Wow defended Magic City as did Dreamville's J.I.D. The latter tweeted that he couldn't believe that Crews's attention was on the strip club in the wake of what's taking place in America. "All this sh*t goin on and this n*gga talking bout boycotting Black women making money, Id fade yo big white washed ass," J.I.D wrote. "Everybody wanna be a n*gga but nobody wanna be a n*gga when it’s time to be a n*gga- @JIDsv #2020Summary."

Not long after his tweet to Crews circulated, J.I.D returned with an apology for his remarks—well, kind of. "I gotta take a step back & apologize for speaking hate on dis app cuz that not what we need right now, but ima double down and let y’all know I’d still sock bruh and whatever happens happens 😂 putting my phone down now, love to all my people, everyone be safe and stick together."