J.I.D previously vowed to bless us with new music, teasing an unknown March based release date. " I’ve always hated not being able to create, but this time I said fuck it and got a chance to record a bunch of songs on the road that I can’t wait for you guys to have," wrote J.I.D, " got a special one coming really soon." While "coming soon" is something of a frustrating term for hip-hop fans, J.I.D has given us no reason to doubt his honor. After all, this is the man who re-uploaded his pre-fame mixtape Para Tu strictly for the fans. 

Now, it appears as if we might have a better indication of what J.I.D. may be sitting on. The Dreamville rapper took to Twitter to announce a sequel to his J.I.D. DiCaprio project, with a laconic "Dicaprio2 otw." While it's hard to pinpoint whether or not this project is the music alluded to in the aforementioned announcement, it would probably qualify as "something special." The original DiCaprio is one of those projects only the fans really know, and the heavy Spillage Village vibes have given it somewhat of a cult-following. You can catch the original on Jid's Soundcloud page, which features EarthGang, Key!, and Jace of Two-9. 

Keep an eye out for DiCaprio 2, which may very well be dropping soon. Support J.I.D!