JID just dropped DiCaprio 2 on November 26 causing a collective sigh of satisfaction in many Hip Hop fans. His project was well-received as it features contributions by the likes of  A$AP FergJ. ColeMethod ManJoey Bada$$, 6lack. Another fellow rapper recognized the offering as worthy of acclaim. Wale's shoutout led to a public exchange via social media that got JID's fans hyped for even more new music.

Wale, who is thinking of retiring from the music game, retweeted JID's link to DiCaprio 2, lauding the work in his caption: "This shyt so fye." The Dreamville artist received the compliment with gratitude and suggested they link up to collaborate by stating, "Thank u so much my boy, we still gotta tap in." Wale responded in kind as if the idea had already been ruminating in his mind: "Dassa no brainer my boy."

This exchange presents itself in complete contrast to one Wale had with another rising star. An unwarranted tiff rose from 070 Shake fixing her fingers to aim at Wale. An aspiring rapper mentioned both rappers amongst other artists he would love to collaborate with. Without any evident cause, the female emcee shaded Wale, who responded with graceful yet petty schooling. Sharing admiration should take precedence over undercutting remarks. Especially if people aim without swinging bars.