If you haven't been peeping J.I.D, allow this to be your introduction. After dropping off plenty of stellar music last year, including the slept on Never Story and fire loosie "Hasta Luego," J.I.D was selected to hold it down as a member of XXL's 2018 Freshman Class. Many were quick to praise his inclusion, citing him one of the game's most promising young lyricists, and his cypher soon become the most anticipated to date. Now that it has arrived, I'm pleased to report that J.I.D. absolutely bodies it. Wasting little time in establishing his presence, J.I.D. proves that swagger and lyricism can indeed co-exist, delivering a verse ripe with punchlines, technical brilliance, and excellent voice control.

"If you don't like it, tell a n***a jump if he feeling Kermit if he sleeping on me, we can make it permanent and leave him stinkin', he'll really permeate, he really reekin'," raps J.I.D, before proclaiming himself "The Butcher." Suffice it to say, Dreamville's young talent makes a hell of an impression, and it wouldn't be surprising to see his status rise by year's end. 

As for Ski Mask, it's already clear that the man can rap, but his decision to go acapella is slightly questionable. Granted, it does make for an interesting parallel with the late XXXTentacion, which is nice, but after J.I.D. demolished the set, it would be been ideal to see Ski Mask continue the momentum. Either way, it's still a great duo to behold, and one has to wonder if a collaboration will go down. Peep the video below, and sound off. Am I crazy, or did J.I.D truly lay down the law?