Earlier this year, Jhene Aiko announced a self-described project called M.A.P. (movie, album and poetry book) which she would be rolling out throughout the year. Each installment drew upon her experiences and journey towards healing after the loss of her brother, Miyagi, in 2012.

While Jhene has already released the movie & album called Trip, the only thing left to complete the trifecta was her poetry book 2Fish, which was finally released on Tuesday via Amazon.

As Amazon described it:

"Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo has developed and refined a method of emoting through writing. 2Fish is a collection of intimate poems (and a few short stories) written by Chilombo from adolescence to adulthood, in no particular order. The book details Chilombo's thoughts in their most raw and honest form taken directly from a collection of notebooks she has kept since age 12."

"Writing poetry has always been a form of therapy for me and has helped me get through difficult situations. When no one else understands, out journals can understand," Aiko said. "I feel obligated to share because I know I am not alone in my suffering,” she added.

The book, 2Fish, is available now for purchase on Amazon for only $14.95 (hard cover). Cop it right here, and check out some of her recent IG posts (below).