Jhené Aiko's personal life remains one of the most confusing to keep up with. She's been romantically linked to Big Sean for a few years but she recently got a massive portrait tattoo of his likeness covered up. While she insists that there's no bad blood between the two, a break-up was never officially announced. It's a little unclear whether or not the two are still dating. Jhené has been a little more active on social media as of late, reactivating her accounts and posting a bunch of selfies to her profile. The singer unveiled her latest endeavour today: gracing the digital cover of Glass Magazine.

The magazine only hits stands on December 14 but Jhené decided to give fans a sneak peek at her looks for the shoot. For the cover image, she looks into the camera with a sly face, bringing her hand to her chin. The feature shows her wearing a sparkly black dress as she lays down in a lounge, giving a similar look to the camera. 

Jhené has not been very active in 2018 when it comes to music. She appears to be taking care of herself and enjoying natural scenery when she can, taking a break from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.