Jeremih's 2009 hit "Birthday Sex" was a vast phenomenon, traveling the world and bursting the singer into the spotlight. In what is likely still the artist's most well-known song, he passionately croons about his idea of a perfect birthday without any cake or candles. It looks as though Jhené Aiko has the same idea as 2009 Jeremih as she hinted in an Instagram comment to her boyfriend Big Sean. The Detroit rapper is celebrating a birthday in the next few days and he asked his followers how he should spend the day. While many of his diehard fans were asking him to spend the day in the studio, Jhené had other ideas.

Responding to Sean's "What we doin!?" question, Aiko simply responded: "sex." Following the break-out of a potential cheating scandal on Sean's side, the two appear to be the best of friends once again, shutting down the rumor mill quickly. This is not the first time Jhené has gone public with her seductive advances towards her boyfriend, previously commenting on a photo of Big Sean, "I wanna hump that face" and "How u look up at me right before I sit on ur face." 

Now that we know what Sean and Jhené's plans are for this upcoming Sunday, we can all rest easy. Big Sean has been spending lots of time collaborating with unexpected sources in the studio, preparing for the release of his next LP. After delaying his tour to focus his energy in the studio, the album is bound to be dynamic and tireless, with plenty of the one-liners we're used to from him.