Jhené Aiko is almost indisputably one of the fastest rising stars in 2014, thanks to her talented vocals, smooth, effortless vibe and gorgeous looks. She's already gotten big looks from Complex and GQ this year, and now VIBE magazine is the latest to feature her on the cover, and in an article entitled "Sweetest Taboo."

The article focuses on Aiko's much-discussed "hippy" style, which leads her to say things like “I don’t think anything about me is loud. I’m not going to walk into a room with crazy accessories, high heels and red lipstick. I blend in.” She also speaks on her song “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle),” saying: “I’ve never killed a guy, and I’ve never went to jail, but those are the things I have to get out of my head some way. It’s writing a song and then turning my crazy thoughts into those moments where I’m like, I could really do that, but I’m not going to.”

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