Jhené Aiko's former tour manager Joshua Williams is not messing about. He is filing a lawsuit against his former employer claiming that he is owed in excess of $50,000 in expenses he forwarded out of his own wallet.

Williams was hired in October of last year. While on tour he claims to have covered a number of her expenses on his credit cards, figuring that he'd be reimbursed in good faith, as is normally the proviso for an assistant position.

The actual figures that he is gesturing towards are tour expenses totaling $53,826.23, $16,000 for his duties as tour manager, an additional 10% tacked on for interest, and the lump sum of his legal fees. 

Since there is no precedent in this case, and apart from reneging on her "booty like groceries" lyrical attestations, she seems to be a person of her word. So, word of out her camp is that her legal team is counter-suing. Apparently when Joshua Williams first brought this to Aiko's attention, she asked him to provide receipts of purchase, which he was unable to provide. Therefore he shan't be believed until a counter investigation takes place. Keep it locked for more details on this case.

[via theShadeRoom]